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A runny nose

Published on 21st Mar 2013 at 20:37 by Admin

The importance of removing the stagnant nasal secretion

A runny nose for babies and toddlers is very common. Toddlers suffer from runny nose colds six times a year on average. This is caused by the inflammation of the mucosa in the nasal sinus (rhinitis), which is often viral. If it isn't treated properly and efficiently, the stagnant nasal secretion can become a good breeding ground for bacteria. The initial watery secretion can become dense, purulent, or even turn into scales, which can cause respiratory disorders and complications such as middle ear inflammation, sinusitis and bronchitis.

One of the major problems is that small children are not able to blow their nose and it will take some time before babies in particular, learn to breathe through their mouth. A congested nose hinders breathing, can cause discomfort, and may lead to more serious health problems concerning the ear, nose, throat and the respiratory tract.

To prevent or avoid discomfort and respiratory disorders, the stagnant nasal secretion has to be removed. For adults and older children, the way in which we clear the nasal cavity is by blowing our noses. Infants and toddlers cannot yet blow their noses, therefore the secretion has to be removed by sucking. The secretion has to be sucked out as often as an adult blows their nose in order to clear the nasal cavity. Effective motor aspirators are available only in hospitals, so sucking several times a day (whenever required) becomes impossible. For this reason the Baby-Vac™ Nasal Aspirator is perfect. The Baby-Vac™ is the first domestic nasal aspirator which compares to the effectiveness of hospital aspirators. It is effective, yet gentle and will not hurt or harm the nasal mucous membrane. It has been clinically tested by international institutions. The Baby-Vac™ requires a household vacuum cleaner in order to provide consistent and controlled suction. The apparatus sucks out the secretion not with the strength of a vacuum cleaner but with its help. The apparatus automatically adjusts itself to reduce the air suction. A vacuum cleaner makes it possible to suck continuously in order to effectively remove the mucus from all parts of the nasal cavity. This therefore clears the nose and helps makes breathing easier for babies and toddlers bringing instant relief. Regular removal of nasal secretion helps in the prevention of more serious sickness and also accelerates recovery time*.

Please note: If there is no discharge in the collecting cylinder when using the Baby-Vac™, the procedure must be stopped.. A cold lasting for more than a few days or a week must be checked by a Doctor.

Infants or toddlers breathe through their noses, breathing through their mouths is something they have not yet mastered. When suffering from a runny nose, breathing through the nose becomes difficult and can cause discomfort in both younger and older children.

*Findings as per Efficiency Test of the Baby-Vac™ for cold treatment conducted by Medical University of Vienna


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