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Dr. Michael Biavati - Paediatric Otolaryngologist. - Dallas, Texas

Nasal congestion and drainage is one of the most common problems I encounter in my clinical practice. Copious nasal secretions resulting in nasal obstruction is a particular problem in infants and young children who are not yet capable to blow their nose. The Baby-Vac™ nasal vacuum is a safe and hygienic way to clear nasal secretions and improve breathing. I certainly endorse the Baby-Vac™ nasal vacuum and would recommend it to my patients and others for use with their children.

© 1993. Hungarian National Office of Translations - Dr. Adrienne Vasarhelyi, M. D., Medical Specialist- Otorhinolaryngology

The most frequent maladies of babies and children are coryza, the catarrh of the superior respiratory tract, and its complications: otitis, maxillary sinusitis. Due to the special anatomic particularities of the age, and because of the lying position, the spontaneous evacuation of nasal discharge is impossible and in this age the child is unable to blow his nose, or does it incompletely. For this reason, we try to help the elimination through various nasal vacuum-sucker sets. For years, we have been using the Arianna Baby-Vac™ nasal vacuum, representing the object of our opinion, during the otologic consultation for children, and in our Neonatal and Paediatric Ward. Its handling is extremely easy. Its part to be introduced into the nasal cavity is so perfectly constructed that the suction effect can be easily obtained, safely and without lesions. The joining double-wall recipient, especially for home use, is extremely adequate to collect the discharge. Due to the transparency of the set, the quality and quantity of the discharge can be controlled very well. Its use can be taught very easily to parents, it is very simple to clean, and it can be sterilized by boiling as well. For all aspects the set is extraordinarily suitable for the suction of nasal discharges of young children.

University of Ulm, Clinic and Polyclinic for Otorynolaryngology - Medical Director: R. Pfalz M .D. University Professor : W. Pirsig M. D., Head of Rhinology and Rhonchopathy

We tested the device on 10 children and 5 adults by objective process /rhinomanometry and acustic Rhinometry. It is highly suitable for the removal of the secretion from the nasal cavities without any problem. The device is easy to handle, effective and the children tolerate it very well. Injuries were not observed, owing to the construction of the device, they are not expected either. I can fully support the favourable experiences of the Hungarian colleagues gained with this serviceable device recorded in the various expertises and recommend the application of the device to practising doctors and hospitals as well.

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