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The Baby-Vac™ Nasal Aspirator has been helping parents and children around the world for the last 20 years. We are excited to offer this amazing device in Ireland. 

Designed by an award-winning Hungarian scientist, has been cilnically tested and approved. Highly recommended by pediatricians and ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialists make it a must have health care product in every household.


Remember, Baby-Vac™ has been specifically designed and clinically proven to be gentle and safe for newborn babies.

A runny nose is very common for babies and toddlers. One of the major problems is that babies and small children are not able to blow their nose. It will take some time before they learn to breathe through their mouth. A stuffy nose will hinder breathing, can cause discomfort, and may lead to more serious health problems concerning the ear, nose, throat and the inferior respiratory tracts. Therefore it is very important to keep the nasal cavity clear.

The Baby-Vac™ Nasal Aspirator is by far the best alternative for this purpose. Research conducted by the Medical University of Vienna, proves by using Baby-Vac™, the removal of secretion from the nasal cavities will accelerate recovery in case of sickness, improve breathing and help in the prevention of further disease.


 Why Baby-Vac™:

- Clinically tested and approved

- Paediatricians and ENT specialists recommend it from 0 to 6 years of age until children learn how to blow their noses properly

- Reliable and effective

- Gentle and pain-free

- Safely and quickly clears the nose

- No side effects

- The child's breathing is immediately improved after using Baby-Vac™

- Helps in the prevention of respiratory tract related diseases, which may lead to more serious health problems

- Helps accelerate recovery in case of sickness

- Easy to handle and durable

- Easy to clean

- The transparent tubing allows monitoring of the amount and consistency of the extracted mucus

- Affordable - 1 unit per family

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