Baby-Vac™ The Most Effective Nasal Aspirator

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't it too drastic to clean a baby's nose with a vacuum cleaner ?

The Baby-Vac™ sucks with the help of the vacuum cleaner, but not with its strength. The device self-adjusts, and the vacuum cleaner makes it possible to suck continuously allowing the secretion to be removed from all parts of the nose, without harming your baby.

Isn't it painful to use the Baby-Vac™? Isn't it unpleasant?

Using Baby-Vac™ is neither painful or unpleasant for the baby. If you would like, test it on yourself to get a sense of what your baby will be feeling.

Can the Baby-Vac™ be used on infants?

Yes. Baby-Vac™ is safe to use on newborns and even premature babies once discharged from the hospital. When a baby cannot breathe through its mouth, it can neither suck nor sleep, so it is particularly important to remove mucus for infants. Remember, it has been specifically designed and clinically proven to be gentle and safe for newborn babies.

How often should the Baby-Vac™ be used?

As often as the child requires his/her nose to be blown.

Are there any side-effects of the Baby-Vac™?

No, there are no side-effects. Using Baby-Vac™ is similar to blowing your nose.

Is it necessary to use a vacuum cleaner?

Yes. The only way to remove secretions from the nasal cavity is to use continuous suction, and that is best provided by a vacuum cleaner.

Isn't the child afraid of the Baby-Vac™?

It depends on the child. Some are afraid at first, but quickly get used to it. Usually it's the noise of the vacuum cleaner which is frightening. Once children realize the benefits, some even try to use it alone; however it is recommended that parents handle the apparatus.

Is the procedure sterile enough?

The entire Baby-Vac™ doesn't need to be sterile. It's enough to sterilize the evacuator (A) by putting it into boiling water occasionally. Remember to always wash the device with hot soapy water before and after use.

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