Baby-Vac™ The Most Effective Nasal Aspirator

"My wife and I have been using the babyvac with our kids for the past three years or so. We started when our older daughter was about one year old and continued using it when our youngest was born. The kids are now 2 and 4 years old and we are still using the babyvac when they get sick. The main advantage of this product is that it helps to evacuate congestion before it can cause an ear infection. Our doctor used to tell us to use saline drops so that the congestion gets broken up.

Once you start using the Baby-Vac and you see just how much congestion comes out when the child is sick and you start to understand that saline drops by themselves are just not enough. This device is able to get all congestion out of a child's or baby's nose and it is very safe. Every parent I have recommended this product to loves it and uses it every time their child gets sick..." 

Stephen Corbally


"So, my baby is always congested. I kept buying all sorts of nasal aspirators, and none of them seemed to get the job done. The snotsucker was ok, but it's hard trying to hold your breathe and suck those boogers out. Well, I bought the babyvac (what else did I have to lose, besides €€??). Well, we were in LOVE from the first time we tried it. Lots of mucus came out of my poor babies nose, he was so congested. Now at 7 months old, we only use it about once a day, and it's super easy to clean. I HIGHLY recommend it. Stop wasting your money on the others. I wish someone would have told me about this sooner..."



"I think the Baby-Vac™ is amazing... I work at the Childcare centre and the first time I used the Baby-Vac™ was at work. One of the parents brought it asking me to use it on his child as he was very stuffy and blocked up with mucus.

I found the Baby-Vac™ very easy to use and extremely good for clearing the nasal passages in babies and young children. In fact that good that I purchased 3 boxes for my family and now my brothers and sisters use it on their kids religiously when they are sick. I believe all childcare centres should be using Baby-Vac™. I swear by it."

 Claire Lasan

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