Baby-Vac™ The Most Effective Nasal Aspirator

Voted No1 Nasal Aspirator of 2013 !!!

Published on 21st Dec 2014 at 22:55 by Admin

Voted No1 Nasal Aspirator of 2013 !!!

Newborn babies have it rough: they are more prone to illness and congestion, but lack the ability to clear their nasal passages themselves with the tissues we adults often take for granted. Anything from the common cold to acid reflux can be the culprit, or even simple allergies. Whatever the cause, listening to a baby struggle to breathe can be difficult for parents to bear, even if the issue is likely to clear up on its own with time. 

One common tool parents frequently use to make life easier is a nasal aspirator. A nasal aspirator is a device that removes congestion directly through a baby's nostrils, clearing their air passages and making it easier to breathe. There are a variety of nasal aspirators on the market, and some are far more effective than others. Parents should acquaint themselves with the different brands available and determine which one is appropriate given their child's age and how badly congested they get.



BabyVac Nasal Aspirator

The BabyVac Nasal Aspirator is an unusual device that has caused quite a stir in the parenting community. It rates high for its efficiency and effectiveness. The device works by inserting an adapter into the end of a home vacuum cleaner attachment. A tube attaches to the adapter, which in turn attaches to a filtering device. The filtering device regulates the suction power of the vacuum to be safe for infants. Parents insert the end of the filtering device into the baby's nose; the creators designed the device so that it does not go into a baby's nose any further than a safe depth to avoid damage. Some parents express hesitance at using a vacuum in this capacity, but the design prevents the full suction power of the vacuum from working, making it safe, and parents who try it consistently declare that they are never going back to their old nasal aspirators ever again.

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